Hello, my name is Cass Lynch and I am a writer and researcher living in Perth, Western Australia. I am a descendant of the Noongar people whose ancestral lands comprise the south west and south coast of Western Australia. I have recently completed a Creative Writing PhD that explores deep memory features of the Noongar oral storytelling tradition; in particular stories that reference the last ice age and the rise in sea level that followed it. In July 2020 I won the 2019 Patricia Hackett Prize for my poems titled ‘Five Haiku‘, presented by Westerly Magazine. I write poetry, short stories, essays (links below) and am currently working on a novel.

I learn LOTE Noongar with moorditj yok Sharon Gregory, a qualified Aboriginal language teacher and Whadjuk woman (https://noongarlanguage.com.au). I learn my south coast dialect from my Wirlomin Noongar family.

I am the artistic director and programmer for Woylie Fest, an all-Aboriginal storytelling festival for kids and teens. The inaugural festival ran over Easter in 2018, and ran again in July 2019. In 2021 Woylie Fest has expanded to include the Woylie Project, a writer’s development program that will get more Noongar stories into print and facilitate Noongar community members to read their stories in schools and festivals.

I am a frequent host, panel guest, and arts facilitator, and have previously worked with art galleries, festivals, book shops, schools and more.

You can check out my Instagram @cass__lynch and my Twitter @Cass__Lynch to see what i’m currently up to. Thanks for visiting!

Short pieces:

(2021) ‘Duneland’ in Bilya Bidi: Crossings for Fremantle Biennale

(2021) ‘Split’ in Flock: First Nations Stories Then And Now

(2019) ‘Ricochet’ in Ancestor’s Words special edition by Westerly

(2019) ‘Iridium‘ in the Other Suns exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre

(2018) ‘Split’ in Stories of Perth

Audio stories:

(2021) ‘Dampland‘ commissioned for Love In Bright Landscapes at PICA (8 mins)

(2021) ‘Watershed’ commissioned for Refuge 2021 by Arts House Melbourne (13 mins)

(2019) ‘Float’ in ‘Deep Heritage’ at Cool Change Contemporary (7 mins)

(2019) ‘Riverland‘ in Five Short Blasts Fremantle commissioned by Perth Festival (70 mins)


(2021) ‘nookert-ngoornd-barniny / sleepwalking‘ for Cordite

(2020) ‘Yoowalkoorl‘¬†for the Yoowalkoorl exhibition for Midland Junction Arts Centre

(2019) ‘Five Haiku‘ in Westerly 64.1

(2019) ‘Dilbi Werdiny/Leaf Falling’ installation at Regal Place in East Perth


(2021) ‘Asking for our blood‘ for Overland

(2020) ‘MARINATE(V)’ for the Preppers art exhibition by Arts On The Move

(2019) ‘Five Short Blasts: A Collection of Reflections‘ by Semaphore

(2017) ‘The Role of Art in Decolonisation‘ for Artsource


(2021) ‘The story so far‘ for climate change game Convergence commissioned for Refuge by Art House Melbourne


(2020) Guest on ‘Little Yarns’ for ABC Kids Listen: Whale In Noongar, Honey Possum in Noongar, Shore in Noongar

Flock_9780702263033_Cassie Lynch